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To build a Power Automate flow that downloads a SharePoint list into a CSV file, follow these steps:

  1. Set the trigger to “Manually trigger a flow” or choose an appropriate trigger based on your requirements.
  2. Add an action and search for the “Get items” action for SharePoint.
  3. Configure the “Get items” action to retrieve the desired list items from SharePoint. Note: By default, Power Automate’s “Get Items” action in SharePoint returns a maximum of 5000 items. However, you can increase this limit by using the “Filter Query” option.
  4. Add another action and search for the “Create CSV table” action.
  5. Map the dynamic content from the “Get items” action to the “Create CSV table” action to populate the CSV table.
  6. Add a “Create file” action and choose the desired storage location (e.g., OneDrive, SharePoint, or another cloud storage service).
  7. Set the “File name” field to include the “.csv” extension.
  8. Map the “Content” field to the output of the “Create CSV table” action.

When executed, this flow will retrieve the SharePoint list items, convert them into a CSV table, and create a CSV file in the specified storage location. You can then download the CSV file for further use or distribution.

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