SQL Saturday 2018

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Face detection technology at Microsoft has been around for quite some time. It was first used in XBOX Kinect series over 8 years ago.

With the release of cognitive services API, Microsoft has given the same power to the community as was available to the makers of XBOX Kinect.

I demonstrated the power of cognitive services through a series of demos.

1) Face Detection: The two demos were based on cognitive service’s Face API.

Face API lets you detect not just the human face but also a variety of human emotions.

The impressive part is that all this is possible by using just 3 lines of code.

2) Emotion detection was followed by Face Detection. After training the Face API using three of my photos, the program was successfully able to identify me from a random set of Facebook photos.

The final demo was a real case study where I used the cognitive services API to read contents of PDF documents being uploaded to the website to determine

  • Form uploaded is a council document
  • The document is the latest version
  • Checks if the right form was chosen

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