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We recently finished a project that involved MS Teams and flow.

We were working on “next generation development projects” scenario.

The goal was to use Teams as a communication tool for all team-related conversations in a development project. Notifications arrive in Teams and hence outlook remains clutter free.

We achieved this by using MS flow. MS Flow would monitor VSTS and wait for a completed build. At the end of each build, flow will post a message in the team’s “general” channel so that all team members get notified. 

We started by using the “Team’s connector” in MS flow.

I achieved this by using the “Team” actions available in Flow.

It requires the name of the team (if you are choosing from the dropdown). Otherwise it expects the Team Id. There is another post that explains how to grab the Id.

It also needs the Channel Id. You can get the channel Id by investigating the Channel Url.

The issue I had was the messages posted would always be posted as “me” since I created the Flow.

I later found a blog that introduced me to Teams incoming Webhooks. Some advantages it offers are:

  • It lets me post using a “Web Hooks Custom Name”
  • It lets me use actionable cards which means I can have more than just a simple message.

Finally ended up building a card for the project which had links to the latest build package and release notes. 

BTW did you figure out what GoT stands for?

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